**Have to register by Sept 17th to get a race shirt. NO SHIRT AFTER THE 17th.

21k starts at 0900

10k/5k starts at 0915

DETAILS... "10-43"

When: Oct 6, 2019@ 0900hrs, Sunday

Where: Cromwell Valley Park, 2002 Cromwell Bridge Road.Parkville, MD 21234...."Willow Grove Entrance". The second entrance into the park off of Cromwell Bridge Rd. 

  The Course:  This is NOT your normal "Run in the park". This course was developed to give the experience trail runner something to get excited about and the novice runner a great sense of accomplishment. The course has everything that a true trail race should have. There are open grass fields, fast ridge line single tracks, technical rocky/rooty up hills, minor stream crossings, flat straightaway's ,fast tricky down hills , and < 1% is run on concrete. Plus, a water stop at the half way point for the 10k and 3 water stops for the 21k. I guess I shouldn't mention that there is 900ft of elevation gain in the 10k and close to 1,800 for the 21K...as a trail runner, you should LOVE to climb!!

   This course is a "Spectator Friendly" Course.  There are 4 places that your family will be able to see you run by.

Just remember, "What goes up, must come down"!!!!

**The 21K/Half Marathon isTWO laps of this 10K course**

The course is run " Clockwise" in 2019.